Tibetan Culture

Due to Tibet’s extreme environment and high altitudes, it has formed its own unique customs over thousands of years. The culture, custom, and tradition of Tibet have been set as an example to the world as one of the last remaining authentic cultures in the world. Travelers in Tibet will observe first with Tibetan culture when they visit a family in Tibet. As in Tibetan culture, hospitality is most respectful cultures in the world. They treat their guests with the utmost respect. Tibet’s distinctive communal cultures such as etiquette, dress, marriage, and burial ceremonies are colorful, unique, and unforgettable. Travelers must visit Tibet during the festivals, so travelers will experience the real authentic experience of Tibet. 

Tibetan Artworks;

For millions of years, Tibet had built a unique culture and unique expression of themselves. The Tibetan Artist played a key role in the culture of life of Tibet. Their efforts have permeated virtually every facet of Tibetan and Tibetan plateau. The majority of air works created now can be displayed in the form of Thanka paintings, wall paintings in the monastery or temples, statues of buddhas build in bronze, clay, and woods. The best example of Tibetan artworks are, Tibetan Thanka Paintings, Sand made Mandala, Stone & Rock carving, Murals or wall paintings in the monastery. 

Tibetan Cultural Dance & Music;

There is a saying in China that, all Tibetans can dance and can sing a Tibetan Song. This statement might be very true. Because Tibet had developed a unique way of living in the mountainous region. Every place in Tibet has a unique way of singing and dancing. Thus some experts said that Tibetan people’s unique way of traditional living is deeply reflected in their dance. Perhaps the most characteristic feature of this dance style is the body’s forward tilt, accompanied by an incessant bouncing originating from the knees. This rhythm accompanies nearly every movement and stems from the daily custom of carrying water long distances from mountainous rivers to their homes. 

Tibetan Handicrafts;

Historically Tibetan had learned how to live in this extreme and harsh environment with high elevated mountains with less resources. Tibetan Handicrafts are the one of the most exclusive handicrafts in the human history, where Tibetan used all the natural resources near by them to make an objects. Among many of the Tibetan Handicrafts, the most popular are Tibetan Incense, Tibetan rug bags and amulet. You can feel the quality just by touching by observing its unique style, design and natural materials.