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” Tibet Spiritual Journey “

Tibet is a popular Travel destination. Becuase of Tibet’s unique culture and admirable Tradition. The Amazing culture and Tradition of Tibetans are the fruits of spiritual practice for more than millions of years.  We Tibetans believe that the Bon Region was practicing from the beginning of Human civilization in Tibet. And from the 7th century, Tibetans began to practice the Buddhism. The Buddhism that we are practicing is the combination of Maha-Yana and Tantric Yana. For over more than 1,300 years the Tibetan Buddhism flourished well in Tibet and almost 90% of Tibetans are practicing the Buddhism. During these centuries, Tibetans had invited many great Buddhist Scholars from neighboring countries, especially from India like the Padma Sambhava and Atisha.

With the grace of many great scholars from India and the neighboring countries, Tibet had built many learning institutions called Monasteries and Temples. These Monasteries and temples were built by the Tibetan local people with the best-selected craft-men, the finest architectures and so on. Many of these temples and monasteries have its unique style and also, built in the selected locations by great masters and high lamas with the great reasons behind them.

For centuries and centuries, Tibetans have been pilgrimaging all the spiritual places in Tibet.  This kind of tour is given the name as the “Spiritual Journey” by ancestors. We the Yarlung Expedition team have selected this tour package name as “Tibet Spiritual Journey”. Which we wish for Tibet Travelers to experience the authentic Tibetan Culture and Tradition. The below few popular Tour Itineraries are sample itineraries and these can alter based on Tibet Travelers’ interest.