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Nyintri Travel Guide (forestry region of Tibet)

Nyingchi (also written Nyingtri or Linzhi) is a prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region in the south-east, Nyingchi used to be considered to be part of Kham but now it is a huge traditional territory on its own. The prefecture-level city was once know by the name ‘Kongpo’ but is no more official, Kongpo has a history tracking back as early as to the first king of Yarlung Dynasty, Nyatri Tsenpo, who is said to have reigned in 127 BCE. Nyingtri also used to be a prominent supporter of the ancient Bon religion of Tibet, you can still visit many Bon sites around Bayi district of the prefecture.
At an average altitude of 3,100 m, Nyingchi is one of the most forested area in Tibet and noted for its unique and charismatic scenery of mountainous terrains and clear waterways, Because of the large number of river valleys and alpine gorges, the region is sometimes referred to as the ‘Switzerland of Tibet’. Nyingchi enjoys a very comforting semi-humid weather due to the high Indian Ocean wind in the region throughout the year.
Local attractions include Basum Lake, Kading Valley scenic area (waterfall), Mt. Namcha Barwa and Lulang Forest etc.



The most beautiful time to Travel in Nyintri is in the month of end of March and beginning of April. Because there is peach trees’ flowers are starting to blossom. Though March is closed for foreign travelers to enter Tibet. Therefore, it is good idea to visit Nyintri in the beginning of April. The Nyintri Prefecture is forestry area of Tibet and it is also good to visit in the Month of April, May, early June, September, October & November. Rest of season are not raining seasons and winter. So the route may block by heavy snow on the passes or rain damages the path.

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