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Before Sir George Everest and Radhanath Sikdar made their calculations and before it was the highest known peak in the world, it was known as Jomolangma to Tibetan locals. For Tibetans, Jomolangma means a smaller deity and it’s not as popular (or considered sacred) as Mt. Kailash. But since it’s the highest peak on Earth and a lot of tourists wish to take selfies with the peak in the background, it has become the hugest tourist attraction in Tibet and does a whole lot of good to the local economy.

With a might of 8,848 m, Mt. Everest is the highest known peak in the world. It’s located on the borderline between Tibet and Nepal in the Himalayan Mahalangur Range, in Tibet on the northern side of Mt. Everest Tingri is the closest civilization. The peak is surrounded by snow-capped mountain throughout the year and additionally, there are other few peaks reaching over 8,000 m you will see, on your Everest tour, from the top of the Gawu-la pass (5250m), viz., Mt. Makalu (8463m), Mt. Lotse (8516m), Mt.Everest (8848m), Mt.Cho-Oya (8201m) and Mt. Shishapama (8020m) respectively from Left to right, almost as if there is a long and slow competition going on over millenniums.

Tibet Travelers from all around the world come every day to witness and challenge the might of Mt. Everest these days, there is a special tent guest-house community for non-climber travelers, Everest Base Camp (EBC) is about 4 km from the tent guest-house, it is the best spot to experience the magnificent Everest (but of course, only if the weather agrees with you visiting Mt. Everest).


Info before Travel

The distance from Lhasa to Mt. Everest Base Camp is around 630km, but, we Yarlung Expedition Team breakdown the phase to arrive at the Mt. Everest Base Camp healthily. We give a reasonable amount of time in Lhasa (3650m) to acclimatize the altitude, then drive around 350km detour to visit the Lake Yamdrok, Karola Glacier, and Pelchoe Monastery. Then, stay an overnight in Shigatse(3800m). From Shigatse to the Mt. Everest Base Camp has only 350km and on the way, we will be passing away high mountain passes like Gyatso La pass(5100m) & Gyawo or Pangla Pass (5150m). In 2017, The Actual Everest Base Camp had been moved to lower nearer to the Za-Rongbuk hermitage of Padmasambhava. But, the view of the Mt. Everest is same from this point and from the actual Base Camp.

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