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" Guge Kingdom "

The Yarlung Expedition is a professional Tibetan travel agency based in Lhasa, Tibet. Provide TIBET TRAVEL PERMITS, tailored TIBET TOURS, and assist to book the TIBET TRAIN & TIBET FLIGHTS for Tibet Travelers.

Most Popular Tibet Tours;

Carefully Selected the Most Popular Tibet Tour Packages For Tibet Travelers. These Tibet Tour Itineraries are customizable.

Visit Namtso Lake and also experience the Tibetan Nomadic life. This is the Tibet's special Tour itinerary which will give you a sensational experience of being really in Tibet.

5 Days 2 - 10 person person

FRIENDSHIP HIGH WAY is the route to Tibet Nepal Border and the tour will let you explore the main parts of Tibet, like Lhasa, Shigatse, Mt. Everest Base Camp and Tibet Nepal Border.

8 Days3 - 10 person

To visit the Mt. Everest Base Camp (EBC) is the everyone's dream, We organize Tibet Tour with this exclusive Itinerary to get the best experience of being in Tibet.

8 Days2 - 10 people

Explore the Tibet Highlight by visiting The Main attractions in Lhasa. It is 4 Days tour Itinerary but this short itinerary will let you know more about Tibet.

4 Days 2- 10 person

Mt. Kailash is the holiest mountain in Tibet, 4 different religions are worshiping there. We took this special spiritual path for Tibet Travelers to do some trekking in Tibet.

15 Days3 - 10 people

Ganden - Samye Tibet Trekking tour itinerary had been the no. one trekking itinerary in Tibet, as it offers the best nomadic experience, culture and spiritually rich Tibet tour itinerary.


How To Get To Tibet ?

Tibet Travel Information are the most important for Tibet Travelers. We provide the first handed information on Tibet Travel Permits, Flights to Tibet, Train Ticket bookings and Health and Safety Info. We are determined to Help each and every Tibet Travelers to have a memorable tour in Tibet.

Health Safety Info

Health Safety Info

Tibet Travelers are facing the problem with altitude because of less knowledge. We provide info to prevent the Altitude and other health issues. We are online for 24/7, wishing Tibet Travelers to have a wonderful trip to Tibet.

Tibet Flights Info

Tibet Flights Info

Thousands of Tibet Travelers are getting the problem to book the Flight Ticket, because they will be asked to show the Tibet Travel Permits, we provide you the tickets without the Tibet Travel Permits.

Tibet Train Info

Tibet Train Info

We recommend Tibet Travelers to ride the Train to Tibet. This will help for acclimatizing the altitude and offer you the stunning view of Tibetan Nomadic life and wildlife. We assist to get the Tickets for you without problem.

Tibet Travel Permits

Tibet Travel Permits

Tibet Travel Permit is the essential document needed for every foreign Tibet travelers. Tibet Travel Permit is secured based on your Tibet Tour planning and we will provide every detail information for free.

” Whats your Interest “

What kind of trip you are more interested to ? We help you to get the most delight experience of your Travel in Tibet.

Tailor-Made a Tibet Tour

Just let us know your Tibet Tour Planning, then we do the rest…

Let’s start now!

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